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Gletcher CLT 1911-A soft air


Price 153.60


  • Body material Metal, plastic
  • Caliber 6
  • Combat prototype Colt M1911
  • Combar prototype country USA
  • Muzzle velocity (m/s) 110
  • Ammo used Plastic balls BB 6 mm
  • Weight, g 990
  • Brand Gletcher
  • Shooting mode Single shots
  • Blowback yes
  • Shutter material Metal
  • Energy source CO2 cartridge 12 gr
  • Muzzle energy (J) up to 3J.
  • Overall length 225
  • Type of barrel Smoothbore
  • Hammer trigger mechanism Single Action (SA)
  • Type of magazine Magazine
  • Set includes Pistol, product passport (manual)
  • Warranty 1,5 years
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Country of production Taiwan

The Gletcher CLT 1911-A airsoft gun is a pneumatic copy of the American CLT 1911 weapon. The production of this model is the company Gletcher, which gained its fame due to the high quality of products and their worthy characteristics.

The developers did a lot to ensure that the shooters felt as realistic as possible when using Gletcher 1911. Dimensions, design and weight completely coincide with the real model, so in appearance you can’t distinguish between them. Shooting occurs only after a preliminary platoon. As ammunition, special balls are used, which the store holds 17 pieces at a time. Buy Gletcher CLT 1911 A for soft air. 

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