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Gletcher CLT 1911


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  • Body material Metal
  • Caliber 4.5/.177
  • Combat prototype Colt M1911
  • Combar prototype country USA
  • Muzzle velocity (m/s) 100
  • Ammo used Steel shot BB 4,5 mm
  • Weight, g 900
  • Brand Gletcher
  • Shooting mode Single shots
  • Blowback yes
  • Shutter material Metal
  • Energy source CO2 cartridge 12 gr
  • Muzzle energy (J) up to 3J.
  • Overall length 225
  • Type of barrel Smoothbore
  • Hammer trigger mechanism Single Action (SA)
  • Type of magazine Linear magazine (mechanical)
  • Set includes Pistol, Allen wrench, product passport (manual)
  • Warranty 1,5 years
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Country of production Taiwan

Gletcher CLT 1911 is an analogue of the well-known pistol of American origin Colt 1911 on a pneumatic basis. The combat predecessor was in the service of the US police until 1985, inclusive, and some countries still use the Colt in service.

Gletcher 1911 has several differences from the original, namely, the trigger size is reduced, and notches are present on the front part. An increase was made in the protrusion of the fuse lever. The rear sight groove and sighting front sight have thickenings. All these differences from the military Colt are present in the Gletcher CLT 1911 pistol. The pistol grip, like the military twin manufactured after 1940, has brown plastic linings. 

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