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Gletcher P08


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  • Body material Metal
  • Caliber 4.5/.177
  • Combat prototype P08 (Pistole 08, Parabellum)
  • Combar prototype country Germany
  • Muzzle velocity (m/s) 105
  • Ammo used Steel shot BB 4,5 mm
  • Weight, g 900
  • Brand Gletcher
  • Shooting mode Single shots
  • Blowback yes
  • Shutter material Metal
  • Energy source CO2 cartridge 12 gr
  • Muzzle energy (J) up to 3J.
  • Overall length 212
  • Type of barrel Smoothbore
  • Hammer trigger mechanism Single Action (SA)
  • Type of magazine Linear magazine (mechanical)
  • Set includes Pistol, Allen wrench, product passport (manual)
  • Warranty 1,5 years
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Country of production Taiwan

The designers of Gletcher P08 gave this pneumatic model a complete resemblance to the prototype - the BlowBack function sets the slide frame in motion when fired, which ensures for the Gletcher P 08 Parabellum not only a visual resemblance to the work of firearms, but also recoil. The sensation is enhanced by a shutter locking system that works with levers. There is also a short-stroke barrel system, similar to that on a combat Parabellum. Thanks to these technologies, when shooting, the whole automation works and there is a nice rebound. And you can buy Gletcher P08 – legend of airsoft.

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