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Gletcher ТТ-A soft air


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  • Body material Metal, plastic
  • Caliber 6
  • Muzzle velocity (m/s) 100
  • Ammo used Plastic balls BB 6 mm
  • Weight, g 620
  • Brand Gletcher
  • Blowback yes
  • Shutter material Metal
  • Type of product Air Soft
  • Energy source CO2 cartridge 12 gr
  • Muzzle energy (J) up to 3J.
  • Overall length 195
  • Type of barrel Smoothbore
  • Hammer trigger mechanism Single Action (SA)
  • Type of magazine Linear magazine (mechanical)
  • Set includes Pistol, product passport (manual)
  • Warranty 1,5 years
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Country of production Taiwan

For fans of airsoft, a new successful model of the Gletcher TT blowback Soft Air pistol was released. The weapon is a pneumatic replica of the famous "Tula Tokarev". Appearance is fully copied from the original version. Each screw, weight and dimensions are exactly the same as the original. Due to the high build quality, you will have the feeling that you are holding a real military weapon.

The design of the TT Gletcher also coincides with the combat version. Shooting is possible only after a preliminary platoon. The weapon is equipped with a convenient fuse, a working movable shutter and a slide delay. Realistic action is ensured by the Blowback system. 

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