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Gletcher GLG-315S tactical goggles


Price 36.40


  • Brand Gletcher
  • Goggle type Shooting glasses
  • Color Black
  • Features Shatterproof polycarbonate, UF400.
  • Country of production Taiwan
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Warranty Check on the manufacturer's website

Tactical glasses Gletcher GLG-315S is a stylish shooting glasses with a set of various accessories. The tactical glasses are equipped with two additional lens sets. Yellow lenses are designed for smoke, fog, haze. At the same time, the lens works like a light filter, making yellow and orange targets more vivid and contrasting. Mirrored lenses have a lower light transmittance and are designed for blinding sunny weather.

The temples of the glasses can be replaced with a belt with a lock, adjustable in width. The frame of the glasses is framed by a sealing soft lining, which softens the effect on the face and prevents dust and wind from entering the eyes. Buy tactical glasses – the stylish design allows you to use them outside the shooting range. 


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