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Gletcher GLG-316S tactical goggles


Price 29.10


  • Brand Gletcher
  • Goggle type Shooting glasses
  • Color Black
  • Features Shatterproof polycarbonate, UF400.
  • Country of production Taiwan
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Warranty Check on the manufacturer's website

Tactical glasses Gletcher GLG-316S is a compact stylish shooting glasses with a set of various accessories. The glasses are equipped with two additional lens sets. Yellow lenses are designed for smoke, fog, haze. At the same time, the lens works like a light filter, making yellow and orange targets more vivid and contrasting. Mirrored lenses have a lower light transmittance and are designed for blinding sunny weather. The stylish design of the tactical glasses allows you to use them as sun glasses. Buy tactical glasses in this website.


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