Terms of use

Before placing an order you must be aware that under the Finnish law, Valgarda Oy cannot sell air guns, airsoft guns, crossbows, knives or slingshots to persons under the age of 18 without the permission of their guardian. Also notice that, as the law goes, carrying edged weapons, air guns, airsoft guns and crossbows in a public place is prohibited without a valid reason. The legal consequences of doing so may be quite harsh. Moreover, the products sold by Valgarda may be dangerous when used wrong or carelessly. Valgarda is not responsible for damage caused by wrong or ignorant use of its products. Lastly, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully before starting to use the purchased item and make sure the necessary safety equipment is used.

A fair share of our goods is marked 18+ only. If you meet with that mark, please, be prepared to verify your age (we would ask you to scan your passport/ID and email it to us) or, if you happen to be under the age of 18, we would require the permission of your guardian. The permission form will be sent to your e-mail along with your order details. Your guardian can print the form, fill it, sign it, scan it and send it back to us. The purchase of an 18+ product by a person under the age of 18 with use of a fraudulent permission of his guardian may cause a fine or up to 6 months imprisonment.