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Victorinox "Tinker" 1.4603 (91 mm) folding knife


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  • Tool material Stainless steel
  • Size, mm 161
  • Body material Plastic
  • Weight, g 65
  • Features 9 tools, 12 functions
  • Country of Origin Switzerland
  • Brand Victorinox
  • Color Red
  • Country of production Switzerland
  • Warranty Lifetime warranty (manufacturer warranty)
  • Set includes Box, knife

The victorinox tinker knife has a small weight and quite practical dimensions for a pocket one, due to which it can always be carried with you and used in everyday life. The corporate logo on the bright victorinox 91mm handle gives the multi tool a peculiar presentability. Such a knife is equipped with a large and small blade, which does not require constant sharpening during use. Also in the kit there is an awl, a Phillips screwdriver, and a special element for removing insulation, which can be useful during small repairs, on business trips and outdoors. Here you can buy victorinox tinker 1.4603 91mm!

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